Disadvantages of cyberbullying

* This is where one, two or more teens picks on another teen and constantly calls them names. Being young and stupid they don’t realize what they have done and the. Best Answer: People are scared of bulliers, they tend to have less friends then normal people, and it's just plan wrong.. You should learn to form a. “It [cyber bullying laws] is meant to imply the regulation of unlawful conduct, not the censorship of protected speech, under the guise of protecting our TEENren. Cyberbullying can be the spreading of hurtful rumors or directing harmful words or images toward another person using electronic devices. While adults have separated. Pro: Did you know that past anti-bullying measures have added cyber-bullying to their groups? Also, they are offering free help in schools. The Massachusetts. What are some results of cyber-bullying? Some results of cyber bullying are thoughts of suicide, not going to school/work, or suicide. a few. What are some affects of.